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How cargo-solv Works


Step 1 -

Enter the details about the items you are shipping, including dimensions, weight and any hazardous information. 

Hint- Don't forget to tick whether the item is stackable or not.

Step 2 -

Enter Collection and Delivery postcodes or towns.

Hint - If you don't know the postcode, just look up the town / region.

Hint - You do not need both the town and postcode, one or the other is fine.

Step 3 -

You will instantly receive a list of quotes from all the freight service providers registered with who can fulfill your request. The list will detail cost, transit time and a CO2 Rating. You can sort the list by the criteria that helps to select the best quote for your needs.

Hint - As the Freight Companies are providing commercially sensitive information, to access the comprehensive list of quotes, Freight Users are required to register.

Step 4 -

When you identify a suitable quote, simply click on "Contact Freight Co" and a message containing your shipment details is sent to the service provider, who will confirm the quote. NB: CONTACTING THE PROVIDER IS NOT A COMMITTMENT TO BOOK THE SHIPMENT

If you are happy with the service, the booking will be dealt with directly by the service provider.

Hint  - More details are avaliable by clicking on the service name.



Has my shipment been booked?

No. When you click "Contact Provider" they will receive all your details and the information of the shipment and quote, then they will get in touch with you to confirm they can achieve the collection date and time and they will confirm that the price is correct. If you are happy, then you can decide if you wish to book with the service provider.

Why do I need to enter item dimensions ?

Freight rates are quoted based on the weight and size of each consignment. It is important that the dimensions are correct as many service providers will charge based on the dimensions if you shipment is light weight. If you put in a dimension that is too large the quote will be inaccurate and expensive.

Do I need to know the postcode ?

No. If you don't know the postcode then you can use the handy dropdown box to select the town (or region in some countries). This information is required as some providers use a mileage based cost structure.

Does this Quote include Insurance?

Our quotes do not include Insurance, but our service providers will often offer insurance at a small fee. Just add a note when you contact them through Cargo-solv and they will advise you on how they can handle your requirements.

What is the best Mode to Use ?

The best mode of transport will depend on the shipment you are moving, its urgency and your preference.  Cargo-solv will list all available modes so you can make the best choice for your needs.
For more information on the different modes have a look at our brief introductions to :
Air Freight
Sea Freight
Road Freight
Rail Freight
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