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CargoSolv ReferenceCS127131-43020-13172
CarrierProteus Logistics Management Ltd

Proteus provides tailored managed solutions for companies with diverse logistics requirements.

Companies regularly identify areas within their logistics operations where inefficiency and high cost exist. However, although the solutions to these problems are sometimes known, their implementation is often difficult within the constraints of the existing organisational structure.

Proteus Logistics Management was conceived specifically to implement these solutions.

Proteus can manage your operations from start to finish making sure service levels are met in the most cost effective manner.  Proteus will not give a stock answer to your logistical problems. We will examine each situation and provide a solution that meets your specific needs.

Proteus can be:

A 4PL provider, We design, advise, administer and move goods in the most efficient manner in our clients’ best interests.
A 3PL manager, we monitor volumes, and service levels negotiating on behalf of our clients and implement new strategies.
An advisor, we design logistical solutions fully costed ready to implement.
A facilitator, consigning goods and shipping on your behalf through your selected carriers.
An emergency forwarder, we move shipments at short notice to strict timescales in the most effective manner. We keep monitoring the shipment to make sure deadlines are met and find alternative solutions when problems occur.

Terms and Conditions

All quotations are based on the information you have supplied.

Where this information differs from the facts as determined by the check weighing or measuring of goods in transit or the reports of our subcontractors, you will be liable for any additional charges that may accrue.

All goods are carried in accordance with Bifa terms and conditions a copy of which is available on request.


ServiceExpress Courier
Carriers Rating100%
FromCN Guangdong
ToGB cr0 4ga
Requested Origin Date 23/08/2016
Requested Destination Date Not Specified
Hazardous Items None
Number of Items6
Transit Days4 day(s)
Invoice Value £688.17
Quote £688.17
Valid Until 31/08/2016


Cost Summary...

Freight £338.75
Total £688.17 GBP