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The UK’s first independent freight rate comparison site, based in Yeadon, has introduced a unique facility to calculate CO2 emissions when using different modes of transport.


The innovation, which has taken two years to complete, has been welcomed by Philip Hammond’s Department of Transport.


The data, which can be accessed at the same time as freight costs, helps freight users to make an informed decision about which mode of transport is the most environmentally friendly. also gathers information from freight companies registered with the site with regards their green credentials. This allows the site to rank the providers according to their environmental responsibility and the actions they are taking to protect the climate.


Cargo-solv is unique in offering freight users an instant independent comparison of both freight costs and CO2 emissions.


Paul Wilson from Cargo-solv, said,


“By providing freight users with this kind of information, they can not only select a carrier which reflects their own carbon footprint aspirations, but it also actively encourages freight providers to focus on carbon off-setting.”


The CO2 emissions for specific journeys are calculated using information from DEFRA, taking into account the different modes of transport for global and domestic carriage. It measures the complete journey, from the collection point to the delivery destination and includes all transit points.


Commenting on the new facility, a spokesman for the Department of Transport said, “The Government believes the freight industry must take responsibility for tackling damaging emissions produced by its operations. We therefore welcome the work you have done on Cargo-Solv and wish you every success with your venture.”


Meanwhile, Cargo-solv is also working closely with the CarbonNeutral Company to help freight providers identify opportunities for carbon offsetting.

Dr Anthony Whiteing from the Institute for Transport Studies at Leeds University, who is in favour of the website’s new initiatives, said,

"Until now it has been very difficult for companies to get a fair and balanced view of the carbon footprint implications of their logistics and supply chain options. Any system such as this must represent a significant step forward in helping companies to save money and protect the environment at the same time."